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Your UK Business Education - Starting January 2022

For many years, we have offered January and September start dates for all of our business Master's degrees. 
Interest in the January start option grows more each year as students see it as a perfect time to be starting their Master's education. 
As of January 2022, we are now excited to also offer a January start option for our Bachelor degrees. 

Our full list of Master's degrees are:
  • MSc Management 
  • MSc International Business
  • MSc International Marketing 
  • MSc International Banking & Finance 
  • MFin International Finance
  • MSc Islamic Finance 
  • MSc Accounting & Finance 
  • MSc Finance 
  • MSc Professional Accountancy

Our full list of Bachelor degrees are:

  • BSc Business Management 
  • BFin Finance 
  • BiFin International Finance 
  • BSc International Business
  • BSc Economics
  • BSc Financial Economics 
  • BSc Business Economics with Marketing 
  • MAcc Accounting 

We have some scholarships available, depending on your choice of degree and your current qualifications. Our degrees are flexible in terms of the modules you choose and we have internships available. 

"My reason of coming to Dundee was based on decisions of ranking of the university, quality of education and affordability of the cost of living in Dundee. 

My time studying in Dundee is an experience never to forget. It has been challenging and really exciting as well. The university is well equipped with resources that help in tackling these challenges. 

I would say the best thing with my course is the quality of professors provided to take the course and the approach used by these professors to tackle the contemporary issues faced in accounting as a course.

The people of Dundee are very welcoming and polite and the city has a lot of history which is exciting as well."

Sughter Gege from Nigeria

MSc Accounting and Finance

I want to start in January - please send me more information